Stainless steel plate with Drip Tray
Perforated and polished stainless steel plate with practical drip tray and edge protection from Betzmann Galvanik :   Attention: Article photos can deviate!     This accessory is a real "must have" in pad electroplating and consists of a practical collecting tray and perforated and polished stainless steel perforated plate. Here, the minus can be connected directly and the part to be plated can be placed.   The tray with the dimensions: 50 x 34 x 14 cm is very easy to clean. This accessory is also suitable for work on vehicles or in objects. Simply place the tub under the surface to be coated and you simply catch all liquids.   Dimensions: work surface metal plate approx. 34 x 45 cm   Tub: 50 cm x 34 x 14 cm   Translated with (free version)

THICKENER: Will thicken up any of our solutions, turning them into a non-drip gel   Features Used for Creates a gel when mixed with our solutions Resulting gel helps prevent the solution from running off the work. This is particularly useful when you are working in-situ, for example gold plating bathroom taps or an architectural feature of a building, where it is impossible to catch the run-off in the normal drip trays      

Content: 0.1 Liter (€155.00* / 1 Liter)

Big Swab XL
Big Swab XL: Fits the Flat Electrode of Stainless Steel or Platinum Electrode. 6 x 12 cm         

Spray bottle
Spray bottle for rinsing off the electrolytes     Filling quantity 500 ml

Electroplating Tub
Electroplating Tub / baths as a safe working surface and collecting container for the electrolyte:    These tanks are the optimal size for use in plating. You can use a separate tank for each step of the process and then collect the gold that has run down during the gold-plating process and use it again.    The colours and sizes differ from the picture!

Thin contact minus tip:
Thin contact minus tip:    You can use this as a replacement for the crocodile clip if you want to use small parts, areas or electrical contacts.